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Polyhedral dice have been used for thousands of years; but did you know that when Dungeons & Dragons was first published, it used only five dice?  What about the other two? Let's learn a little bit about the history of D&D dice sets through the twentieth century. The History of D&D Dice An illustration of important twentieth-century innovations in the game of Dungeons & Dragons and the dice used to play it 1904 Albert Friedenthal files patent 809,293 for a 10-sided die. 1913 H.G. Wells publishes Little Wars, a set of rules for playing with miniature infantry, cavalry, and artillery....

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You probably already know how probability works for rolling a die.

But did you know why Dungeons & Dragons likes to roll 4 dice, and remove the lowest roll, to generate optimal ability scores for a character?

Did you know that you're 20x as likely to roll an 18 with this method than to roll a 3?

Let's find out why.

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