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Feywild Honey Dice

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The Feywild is a weird, magical, and dangerous plane of verdant flowers, deep forests, and timeless desire. If you visit the Feywild, you will face perils everything from Seelie and Unseelie fairies alike; and even if you survive, you may never be able to leave.

Inspired by the Feywild, these golden honey-colored dice are made with just a little bit of fairy dust.

  • Translucent golden honey color
  • Fine pink glitter powder
  • Polished to a brilliant shine

This set includes all 7 dice you'll need for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop role-playing games, including a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d10, and d00. It comes in a handsome amber jar with a gold lid and yellow label.

    Customer Reviews

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    Very nice product.


    These dice are magical!! Very shimmery, I love looking at them in the light at different angles. The honey jar case is a really nice touch for display, and also transporting them.

    Anna Terry
    Lovely set of dice

    This is a gorgeous set of dice that are a honey color and pink mixed in. They're exactly what you expect in dice to be balanced and "box car." for rolls and randomness.

    I got this set as a gift for my daughter as we're playing The Wild Beyond the Witchlight currently and she loves them!

    Taylor Bentley

    Feywild Honey Dice

    Jahmaine Renzo Yambing

    Feywild Honey Dice