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The Importance of Dice Trays

10" Wood Dice Tray

Let’s talk dice trays. They are insanely convenient for any game involving dice. Sure you don’t necessarily need one all the time, but you will definitely appreciate having one when you do. Remember when you used to play Monopoly and it was always a delicate balance to roll the dice without toppling all the hotels over? Well, you may have just gotten used to doing that, but you’ll never have to worry about that again with a dice tray. Whether you’re trying to avoid knocking pieces over on the board or not, dice trays are a gamer’s friend they never knew they wanted. Even parents will appreciate the fact that young kids can now roll dice without throwing them across the room.

Hex Dice Tray

With a dice tray (or two) in the house,  they will designate a “rolling zone” and gaming will never be the same again. You’ll find yourself using them for other things too. Several other uses we’ve found for a dice tray:

  • Discard card pile – A nice touch for games with significant discard piles like Bohnanza.
  • Container for drawings (or Charades, etc.) -Voting on something? Throw all the votes in here.
  • Candy, snack, and/0r food tray – One at each end of the table to facilitate late night gaming. No more chasing after candies and wrappers.
  • Extra bits holder- All those extra pieces don’t have to be strewn about the table or falling on the floor anymore! Life is forever changed.
  • Lego building- Can you imagine how cool it would be for your kids (or you. we’re not judging.) to use this for their own mini Lego world? The green felt would be a great backdrop. Portable and contained. Great combo for Legos.

Have you found dice trays to be extremely useful? How do you use them? Let us know in the comments.


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