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New Products: Reaper Minis and Chessex Dice Sets

This past week, we’ve added a couple of new product lines to our catalog: Reaper miniatures and Chessex Signature dice sets.

A very exciting addition for us is the Reaper Dark Heaven Legends and Warlord miniature figurine lines.  Ever since I bought Game Master Dice, I’ve wanted to add RPG miniatures to our lineup, because I think they’re really cool.  We’re now carrying the top 50 best-selling miniatures from both of those lines.  It’s only been a couple of days so far, and customers are already buying them, which is just lovely.

We’ve also added the Chessex Signature dice sets product line, which includes the 26 best-selling dice sets that Chessex is known for.  We’re selling these at a significant discount from their suggested retail price, in order to be competitive and hit the ground running.  Check them out for yourself!  This is the first time we’ve carried any Chessex products in our store, and we’re looking forward to picking up more of them if these sell well.

In anticipation for Valentine’s Day, we’ve also added some Sweetheart Dice.  These dice are red with white hearts or white with red hearts, and are 19mm in size, which is pretty big for dice!

Chessex Scarab Scarlet + Gold RPG Dice Set

Kneeling Assassin, from the Dark Heaven Legends line by Reaper Miniatures

Red Sweetheart Dice with White Hearts


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