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New Products: Forest Dice Set & Dwarven Dice Sets

Today’s new products are both unusual dice sets from Q-Workshop in Poland. What kind will you get–the natural, green forest dice set, or the dwarf-carved red dwarven dice set?

Forest Dice Set, Green and Black
This RPG dice set has 7 individual dice, each one ornately designed with stylized numerals on a leafy background.  These aren’t just painted on, but are actually shaped and molded, so the designs you see are all in bas relief.

Dwarven Dice Set, Red and Black
This dice set is also intricately designed in bas relief, but features a motif from the fantasy-industrial complex.  These dice are made to look like they were carved out of dwarven stone, and each of them except the D20 also include an image of an axe or a hammer.


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