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New Products: Double Dice, Novelty Dice, Cups, and Bags

This week, we’ve continued busily adding products to our website.  We have a number of new dice, dice cups, and dice bags which are sure to please you.

For players who want to roll two dice at once, these double dice have a hollow, transparent outer dice and a smaller, opaque dice inside.  Available in blue, green, yellow, purple, and clear.
These are twenty sided dice numbered 0-9 twice, which makes them equivalent to D10s.  These are just like the original D&D percentile dice which came out in the 1970s.  Available in red, blue, green, white, and pearl.
This is a 12-sided dice which has body parts on it, like right hand, left leg, chest, etc.  A fun way to see just where the arrow hit, or for randomizing the Hokey Pokey.
A six-sided dice with a happy face, sad face, nervous face, manaical face, and more.  Fun for teaching and learning emotions with kids, or for handling NPC reactions in dialog.
We’re filling out our GameScience Gems line with two new colors: Moonstone blue/blue and Topaz yellow/white.  Now there are 10 more ways for you to have some fun with these unusual precision dice.
These are six-sided dice with the Jagermeister logo on them.  I don’t drink, so I wasn’t sure what the heck this logo was at first, but then I found out and it made much more sense.  Since it has a glowing cross on it, I figured it was made for some kind of church.  How wrong I was.
These are a fun and playful departure from the typical 6-sided dice with black pips.  Each side is a different, bright, happy color, including every color of the rainbow except indigo.  These are also very cheap–we’re selling them for only 25 cents each, which is an incredible bargain.
These are 6-sided dice with Roman numerals on them instead of the Hindu-Arabic numerals or dice pips you’re used to.  Ideal in case you ever get transported back in time to Ancient Rome and just can’t stop playing your board games.
This is a white 6-sided dice with different furry animals on each side, including a beaver, skunk, squirrel, and some kind of rat creature.  Maybe it’s an oppossum.  I’m just not sure.
A special set of 5 D6 dice made by Q-Workshop specifically for the Arkham Horror board game.
A set of 31 dice which are useful in a classroom setting, including fractions, math operators, decimals, and more.
These are handcrafted leather dice cups from Q-Workshop with either Silver Elvish lettering on them or Black Runic.  They’re fairly expensive, but they’re also really, really cool.
An ironic container for your dice, this box is a die by itself.  Kind of like a Matryoshka doll for gamers.
These are cloth dice bags from Q-Workshop with either Celtic, Elvish, or Runic designs on both sides.


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