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Mentak Coalition Race for Twilight Imperium

The Mentak Coalition

I call these guy the borg. The Mentak Coalition has a lot going for it. The thing to do is remember all of your abilities and then you will be on the path to victory. To start with you get an extra command counter in your fleet supply. Your cruises and destroyers get a free attack before any space battle begins and you can take a trade good from other players during the strategy phase. All of these are great abilities but I have found that many players that get this race do not remember them when the time comes for the abilities to be put into play. To start as usual with any race that gets only 1 carrier get your ships out and then wait for the production card to be played and buy another carrier.

Use that added fleet size to keep one ship more than any of your opponents if possible. Cruisers are cheap so work your tech towards making them carriers. You will want the added free shot they get in space combat. Destroyers are also a good idea if you have a neighbor who seems to be going fighter happy. Get out get more planets and then work back towards home if possible using cruisers to pick up any planets that were missed along the way.

Work on that tech and make sure you take your trade goods from anyone that has 3 or more during the strategy phase. This extra money will come in real handy each turn when trying to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Dice to use for this race

Speckled Fire Dice

Speckled Fire Dice

Marbleized Gold Dice

Marbleized Gold Dice


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