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Game Master Dice's New Owner

Game Master Dice is under new ownership!  I’m Kevin Owens, the new owner, and I’d like to introduce myself.

My professional background is in software development.  I also really like making websites, and run a couple of other sites in my spare time: Draconika Dragons, Dark Middle Ages, All About Unicorns, Phonics on the Web, and Active Family Tree are some of the more popular ones.

I’m also very interested in games of all kinds.  I originally got interested in computer programming because I liked playing computer games and wanted to make my own.  I’ve worked on a number of them over the years, but the only ones I’ve finished have been a Connect Four game with an A.I. opponent and a handful of educational phonics games.  I’m working on a hexagonal tactical wargame right now in my spare time–that is, what spare time I have.  My favorite computer games of all time are the StarCraft, HaloFallout, and Civilization series.

I also enjoy playing table-top games, and my family has a long tradition of playing board and card games at family gatherings.  Risk and Castle Risk were perennial favorites.  My father used to win most of the time when we were kids, but eventually we got wise and learned to gang up on him, and the poor guy has hardly been able to win a game since.  We used to play Uno and Rook frequently, too.  My current favorite games are Diplomacy, Bang! and Settlers of Cataan.

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons as a teenager, and got hooked.  I had played computer RPGs before, but when I found out you could play in an open-ended imaginitive game where you could do anything you want (including attacking the blacksmith, if you so desired), there were stars in my eyes.  I kept playing pretty faithfully until I had children of my own, and had to cut back on the marathon gaming sessions.  My first character was a rogue named Dalanthro and most of my characters since have been rogues too.  I like the finesse of the class and, plus, I like doing a lot of damage and earning a lot of loot.

So, I’ve established that I like websites, and I like games, so you can see that it’s a natural choice for me to have a website which sells gaming supplies.  When I saw Game Master Dice for sale by the previous owner, who created it, I jumped on the opportunity.  I’ve been running it for a month so far now and I love it.

I’ve got a lot of improvements for the store in development currently.  I’ve been updating the look and feel of the website to load faster, look better, and be easier to use.  I’m also adding new dice and getting other dice back in stock all the time.  I’m looking forward to a long and successful future running the best dice store in the world.


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