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Brand New Website

I’d like to proudly announce Game Master Dice’s brand new website.  It has a number of features which I hope will really improve the customer experience and make it even easier to buy from the best dice store on the planet.


Visitors to Game Master Dice can now mark products with their own tags.  Do you think a dice looks particularly diabolical?  You could add a diabolical tag to it.  It’s fun!  I’ve tagged a few of the products myself already.

Layered Navigation


Layered Navigation Example - Red 6 Sided Dice

Layered Navigation Example - Red 6 Sided Dice

With our new Layered Navigation feature, you can filter the products you see like never before.  You can choose to filter your results by category (how many sides the dice have), price, color, brand, size, style, and material.  This will make shopping very convenient, especially if you’re after a specific kind of dice.

Friendly Emails

All the emails our shopping cart sends out have been overhauled to be prettier and more user friendly.


If you register a free account with us, you can now add products to your wishlist and share it with others.

Stock Notifications

One of the most common email requests we get are asking when a particular item will be back in stock.  With our new website, if a product is out of stock you can just click a link on the product page to be notified automatically when the item is up for sale again.


The new site went live yesterday, and we’ve already started receiving orders in it.  I hope you like it and, more importantly, I hope it’s easier to use and a better experience for you.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to speak up.


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