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How to Make Candles, Oh Ye Who Wish to Craft Gaming Candles

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How to Make Candles, Oh Ye Who Wish to Craft Gaming Candles

Come in, come in -don't be shy. Warlick the Wise is here to teach you the intricacies of making candles. Ah, yes; and not just any candles -oh, no- I will guide you through the delicate art of the much more exclusive, elusive Gaming Candle!

First, what you will require is a melting pot. Visit your local blacksmith's or village market. Be certain you do not select one made by Ogrid. Rumor has it he spent a few more points in charm person than he did in crafting...

Next, seek out Chrystal, Cleric of Moon City. She, and she alone, may guide you to where you may purchase wicks. Only the finest, fairy-made cotton wicks are suitable for a Gaming Candle, and only those sent by Chrystal will the fae answer to.

After that, the most important component is wax. Do not fear -Old Warlick would never send you after beeswax from Giant Mountain, nor after Princess Prescience's paraffin stores. No, noble quester, you need merely to search the gnomish caverns of Lower Vale. There, with the aid of their ingenuity, will you find and acquire the smooth, subtle-burning soy wax necessary for a smooth, subtle-run gaming adventure. I hear the gnomes are fond of gemstones.

But, of course, you knew all this! You, noble adventurer, have enough wisdom to have learned this from your studies. It is for the most secret of all steps that you have come. You would ask I, Wondrous Warlick, to know what enchantments change ordinary soy wax candles into the legendary Gaming Candles!

Well... Warlick may be wonderful, but... he is also poor.

What's that? You say you may have remembered you carried a gem pouch? Hm. Hm. Oh, and also an enchanted ring from your exploits in defeating the feared Dragon Firetaker? Hm. And, you possess an unidentified amulet?

I believe my memory is returning. Yes, yes! Now that I hold these artifacts, I recall: the secret to a Gaming Candle lies in its magical scent. For example, the ever-chanting monks of the Mountain Monastery provided freshly-picked lavender, sage, and grapefruit from within their gardens, with which they infused oakmoss, amber, and tonka bean. The color of their candle is the melted snow from monastic rooftops.

While, for a Wizard's Library, my good friend, Wendell, cast a spell to encapsulate the space wherein he stores his collection of scrolls. The ensuing result of teakwood, cedar, and patchouli swirled and misted to form a purpled mix.

And, what about the ever-popular Dwarven Tavern? Well -we don't talk about how we acquired the smoked oak and whiskey for that one. Let's just say that what happens in Easthaven, stays in Easthaven.

So, my new friends, you are ready. Set out for your materials: the pot, the wicks, the wax, and the magical fragrances. With a steady heart and bold hand, you will conquer any foe who might ignite your efforts before you are ready.

And, remember about Ogrid; he'd swindle his own grandmother to earn a few coins.



Photo Credit: Pixabay, Pixabay, Candle pictures © Kevin Owens and Game Master Dice.