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Second Breakfast Candle

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Keep your halfling happy with the unmistakable fragrance of hot, sizzling bacon and smoke.

The large, 8oz version of this candle uses a crackling wood wick; the small, 2oz version uses a normal cotton wick.

Key features:

  • Made of all-natural, sustainable soy wax
  • Made by hand in small batches in Utah
  • Inspired by the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and movies
  • Recommended for immersive experiences
  • Available in 8oz and 2oz sized candles, or as wax melts
  • Burns for 40-56 hours (8oz) or 10-14 hours (2oz)

Customer Reviews

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I am so grateful this candle exists. I don't normally like candles at all but wanted something manly smelling for my home office. It's smells a little more woodsy like a burning fireplace than bacon cooking but darn near close! Yes, the wood wick does take some time to break in but once it's established it's great, even giving a little crackle here and there. Highly recommended for bacon lovers.