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Red Sandalwood Wooden Dice Set

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This set of seven polyhedral dice is made of rare and beautiful red sandalwood, an exquisite natural material that is perfect for the most magical of games. These essential accessories feature silver numbers, lending them a look of luxury and mystery.

The natural quality of these dice make them especially beloved by druids, rangers, and elves of the forest. Die-rolling among the trees will be enlivened to new heights with the feel of this gorgeous red sandalwood against your fingertips. Who knows what luck these dice could bring with their timeless beauty befitting a fantastic table?

So why wait? Don't miss out on this totally unique chance to adorn your gaming with these red sandalwood dice. Feel the power of the wood whispering its ancient secrets and mysteries as you roll! There's nowhere else in the forest you can find the same combination of luxurious design and natural quality for your gaming adventures.

  • Rich red in color, red sandalwood has been prized in Asia for centuries, particularly in the Qing dynasty.
  • Includes a d4, d6, d8, d10 numbered 0-9, d12, d20, and d10 numbered 00-90
  • Made from rakt chandan, a species of pterocarpus trees native to South India
  • Contrasting silver numbers against red wood for easy reading
  • Comes in a metal tin