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Elixr of Fireball

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Next time your wizard casts fireball, feel the satisfaction of uncorking this bottle and pouring out 8d6 points of fire damage to your awestruck enemies.

Each real glass bottle includes:

  • 8 fire-colored speckled d6 dice
  • Old-timey label
  • Cork

Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons, fifth edition.  You can use these as a fun way to add a little immersion to your next tabletop roleplaying session, as a prop, or as a gift for that special nerd in your life.

Bottle height without cork is 1.96 inches, with a bottom diameter of 0.86 inches.

Assembled in Utah from dice made in Denmark.

Warning: Not designed for actual human consumption.  Contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard to infants and small children.