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Brazilian Jade Dice Set of Regeneration

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A complete set of 7 full-sized polyhedral dice, carefully hand-made from Brazilian jade.  Each die is individually cut, then polished, and engraved with shiny gold numbers.

With a mixture of dark green, green, and white elements, these fine gemstone dice hearken to the sylvan camouflage of a Cloak of Elvenkind.

Exclusive to Game Master Dice, these feature our very own custom VALORSTONE™ font, for an elegant touch of fantasy you won't find anywhere else.

Key features:

  • Hand-crafted from natural Brazil jade
  • Includes all seven dice you know and love from your favorite role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Call of Cthulhu
  • Full-sized (16mm), just like the regular polyhedral dice you know and love
  • Design exclusive to Game Master Dice—you won't find these anywhere else!

We recommend rolling any gemstone dice on a dice tray in order to make your new favorite diceand your furniturelast longer.

Customer Reviews

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Trym Solan Renolen
Brazilian Jade Dice Set og Regeneration

These dice are probably the most beautiful set of dice I have ever laid my eyes upon. They also have the perfect weight to them, and roll like nothing else. They would be the perfect gift for your dice hoarding friend, or just anyone with a collection problem (heh)

Abigail Carson
Very Pretty!

I bought these dice awhile back from the Etsy store associated with this seller, and they are very nicely cut dice! I had never owned stone dice before and I really enjoyed adding this beautiful set to my collection.

I will note that one of my D10's seemed to be cut from a wonky piece of stone, as it has fissure lines running along the outside. I don't mind /too/ much as it's likely I'll never actually use these dice (bought them to compliment a character I play online) but it's something to keep in mind if you plan on buying this set (and possibly other stone sets though I cannot say for certain).

Karol Nowicki

Brazilian Jade Dice Set of Regeneration