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7-piece Set of Crystal Toxic RPG Dice

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Bold, vibrant colors! Exciting twists, turns, and swirls! This toxic dice set has them all. Yellow and red colors are splashed together vigorously, with silver numbering.

Specially-designed to have a unique crystal shape, these dice are also numbered sequentially, making them double useful as health counters.

A set of seven polyhedral dice for adventure gaming, including a four-sided die, a six-sided die, an eight-sided die, two ten-sided dice, a twelve-sided die, and a twenty-sided die.

This dice set includes:

  • One 4-sided crystal die, numbered 1-4 in sequence
  • One 6-sided crystal die, numbered 1-6 in sequence
  • One 8-sided crystal die, numbered 1-8 in sequence
  • Two 10-sided crystal dice, numbered 0-9 and 00-90, respectively
  • One 12-sided crystal die, numbered 1-12 in sequence
  • One 20-sided crystal die, numbered 1-20 in sequence
  • A small, clear plastic box for storage

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