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7-piece Set of Crystal Oblivion RPG Dice

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Included is a complete set of 7 swirled crystal dice: 1D4, 1D6, 1D8, 2D10, 1D12, and 1D20. Impress your friends by showing up at the gaming table with these unique and attractive dice.

This set is a swirled mix of black and color with gold numerals. Numbers are read from the top.

Michael Bowling, an electrical engineer from Arizona and avid tabletop gamer, invented these unusual crystal-shaped dice and manufactures them today under his patent and through his company, Crystal Caste.

These crystal dice are available in six colors:

  • RED: Powerful and mysterious, this red- and black-swirled set of DnD dice will let you hold their power in the palm of your hand.
  • PURPLE: This purple- and black-swirled RPG dice set is as magical as your game.
  • BLUE: Cool and mysterious, this blue- and black-swirled RPG dice set evokes images of a foreboding and awesome ancient power. Gaze into their crystal mist, but not for too long, lest you too be drawn in to what magic awaits.
  • GREEN: Green swirls about in the darkness, caused by an arcane glow lingering about in the air--or is it the fog of poisonous gas?
  • YELLOW: This crystal dice set is like looking into a dim pool swirled with yellow acid, hidden in the deep recesses of a long-forgotten cavern.
  • ORANGE: This orange- and black-swirled crystal dice set is like looking into a fire, its flames licking upward into the void of night.

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Daniel Deatrich
Superb Customer service

Small order issue.. made right imedately..

Wrong set

I received the wrong set of dice. I normally would not have give a one star review but I have sent several emails trying to resolve this issue.