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Dungeon Crawler Gaming Candle

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Deep beneath the earth's surface, the walls damp with moisture and the floors strewn with dirt and dust, the adventurers explored each room of the dark dungeon.

Out of the corner of their eyes, in the faint flickering of torchlight, they would see faint hints of movement from the creepy, crawly creatures which inhabited the place.

This candle is scented with the fragrance of earthy garden soil, to help put you and your party in the mood for an underground dungeoneering adventure.

Key features:

  • Made of all-natural, sustainable soy wax
  • Made by hand in small batches in the USA
  • Inspired by underground dungeon exploration from Dungeons & Dragons
  • The perfect geeky gift
  • Recommended for immersive gaming experiences
  • Available in 8oz and 2oz sizes or as wax melts
  • Burns for 40-56 hours (8oz) or 10-14 hours (2oz)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Steve Thompson
      TTRPG Candles: Your Next Session Gets Lit!

      I’ve done a full review at

      Check it out 😊👍

      Sarah Robison
      Best Scent

      This is my absolute favorite scent. I could just sit there huffing this candle for hours.

      smells like dirt

      smells like wet dirt. 10/10

      It smells exactly like dirt.

      This candle is what it says on the tin. Literally exactly like you’ve just opened a bag of potting soil. Whether or not that’s what you want is for you to decide - it’s uncannily accurate though, so while my feelings on it may be mixed I simply must give it 5 stars for the accuracy. How do they even get it to smell exactly like dirt?

      A God Amongst Candles

      This is my favorite smell of all time -- has been since I was a kid. That smell just after a rain, petrichor, where the dirt penetrates the air. I learned last year while visiting some actual dungeons in Wales that it's a similar and sometimes the very same smell. Behold: This candle smells exactly like its name. It's uncanny and amazing. I find myself keeping this candle where I craft not just to burn, but to open it and just take a big ol' deep whiff. Call it weird, call it stress relief; this candle is my favorite I've ever found and I can't imagine it will ever be topped. Not to mention the idea of creating uniquely scented candles to go along with campaigns is creative and brilliant, but also just soothing to those of us that want more than the average smelling candles. Kudos on this magic, superior, super much wow candle. I'm hooked for life.