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Clear Double 20 Sided Dice

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This fantastic double 20 sided die is a great way to roll two D20s at the same time. A real cool novelty item.

These are just plain cool dice. There is a large 20 sided dice on the outside and a small 20 sided dice on the inside.

Available colors:

  • Clear on the outside, red on the inside
  • Blue on the outside, white on the inside
  • Green on the outside, white on the inside
  • Red on the outside, white on the inside

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love it very cute

Michael Nelson II
very neat

love this little double die
however, this company is unreachable after they take your money. if they mess up your order (like, say, short you a die) you have no recourse. No one responds, no one cares.

Tristan Gaskins
Best $.89 I've Spent in a Long Time

The dice are cheap, and it's evident. The edges aren't perfectly lined up, and they feel a bit light, but they're the best dice I've gotten for this little money. The satisfaction of rolling for advantage or disadvantage with one die is unparalleled.