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60-Sided Dice

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These are awesome D60 dice with numbers. Yes, they each have 60 sides and are numbered 1-60. They are also large dice and feel great in your fist. A great addition to any dice game arsenal.

They roll just like a standard dice. Hold, shake and roll. These dice have 60 sides and randomly give you a number between 1 and 60. Fantastic for any game that needs a specialty 60 sided dice. These large dice are always a hit and each side is diamond in shape.

These dice have numbers rather than pips for easy identification.

Dice Size: 35mm.

Customer Reviews

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Spencer Whipple
Looks great!

Well made, looks better than the picture. Will order again

Alanya L. Anderson
Great addition to any dice collection!

Are you loosing your gaming pizazz with just a basic 7 set of dice.. is your d20 just not cutting it... or maybe there is just one dice to solve some new DM ruling or crazy item... if a d20 isn't enough why not add a d60! Counting down time or just random roll.. who knows! but it will be a fun talking point at your next session! I would gladly recommend for a great dice collection addition!