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Sand Golem RPG Dice Set

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After weeks of searching through the desert, its rough sands blowing with the wind in their eyes and hair, the adventuring party finally found it—the desert temple the ancient scrolls had made reference to.

Groth the Fighter pushed aside the heavy sandstone door to the entrance, the wizard cast a spell of light, and one-by-one they descended the stairs into the cool, dry tomb whose conditions were ideal for preserving desiccated mummies.

In her heart the rogue hoped to find emeralds, rubies, gold, or magic items.  Lurking in the darkness was a monster he did not expect—a sand golem, awakened by their intrusion into this holy ground, and sworn to protect its treasures from any who dared enter...

Why you'll love these dice:

  • Antique finish on a golden brown base
  • Black numbers for contrast
  • Contains all seven dice you need for games like Dungeons & Dragons