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Feywild Honey Dice

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The Feywild is a weird, magical, and dangerous plane of verdant flowers, deep forests, and timeless desire. If you visit the Feywild, you will face perils everything from Seelie and Unseelie fairies alike; and even if you survive, you may never be able to leave.

Inspired by the Feywild, these golden honey-colored dice are made with just a little bit of fairy dust.

  • Translucent golden honey color
  • Fine pink glitter powder
  • Polished to a brilliant shine

This set includes all 7 dice you'll need for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop role-playing games, including a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d10, and d00. It comes in a handsome amber jar with a gold lid and yellow label.

    Customer Reviews

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    Chase Matlock
    As sweet as... well... honey

    This set is honestly really nice! I bought them for thematic reasons such as my first campaign(Wild Beyond the Witchlight) and my PC(a bearfolk bard). The purple shimmer is very subtle, but looks very pretty in the amber. The glass jar is also a really nice touch! (I got a laugh at the fact they had to add a "do not eat" warning on the dice). Very solid set overall, very pretty and feels good to roll. Actually works perfectly with my dice tower, unlike my hollow metal set.

    James Cockrum
    Gorgeous dice, with a catch…

    These dice are absolutely gorgeous, and the packaging is beautiful and totally top notch. My only complaint is that I’ve rolled a single 17, and other than that, nothing higher than a 10. Do I need to set these on my windowsill and let the moonlight charge them? How do I get them to roll higher?

    J Lang
    Sweet and Tasty

    These dice are absolutely gorgeous. They really do look like honey that you might find in the feywild. And the fact that they come in a little jar that resembles a small container of honey? They're absolutely wonderful!

    Katelyn Mathis
    Absolutely Beautiful!

    They’re so mesmerizing. Absolutely one of my favorite set of dice I own.

    Robby Grillo

    Some of the most beautiful dice I ever owned. Wonderful craftsmanship!