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Game Master Dice's Origin Story

My name is Kevin Owens, and I bought Game Master Dice in 2010 from Greg Hancock of Arizona, who started it up himself in 2008. I've been running it as a small family business ever since.

I'm a software engineer by trade, specializing in ecommerce, and I love games. That's why I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be part of the industry, and to help people get just the right dice to make their game feel special.

When I first started, Greg sent me boxes and boxes of dice in the mail, comprising the inventory he had on hand at the time of the sale. I felt so excited to open each box and see the cool dice inside, in all their bright and varied colors, and to feel them in my hand and imagine what the future might hold.

It reminded me of the first time I played Dungeons & Dragons. I was about twelve years old, and my brother-in-law was an experienced Dungeon Master.

I had only played computer role-playing games before, like Diablo, and always felt limited by the small range of choices in the game. What if I wanted to attack the blacksmith, for instance? Or solve a problem in an unconventional way? With a paper-and-pencil RPG, the sky is the limit. (Or even beyond the sky, past the stars and the astral plane.)

He had some old Ral Partha miniatures, and we played on a hexagonal battle mat. My first character was a rogue, and I remember going into battle against a huge number of skeleton warriors. We didn't have enough figurines for all the skeletons, so we improvised with some d20s.

I had such a fun time that I was instantly hooked, and would ask him to play D&D frequently, like Will from Stranger Things.

It's been a lifelong passion since then. I play D&D now with my own children, and I love to help other people get into the game and have adventures as magical as the ones I remember so fondly.

My quest is to help you feel the magic of tabletop role-playing games, by helping you find your new favorite set of dice, and the perfect miniature that looks just like your character.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope I can help you level up your game with some awesome new dice, dice bags, miniatures, and a little bit of magic from all of us here at Game Master Dice.