Transparent Sapphire Blue 5 Sided Dice, D5

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These precision 5 sided D5 dice are transparent sapphire blue with white letters. The fantastic pyramid shape makes this and interesting dice. Accurately made and a great addition to any dice collection.

Smooth to the touch with sharp precision edges for the serious gamer. Every serious Game Master must have one in their dice bag. These great dice are the best way to get a random 20% chance or 1 in 5 random number. This translucent precision 5-sided die has inset numbers that are hand-inked. This dice gives you a random number between one and five.

GameScience makes these precision dice and they role true every time. Edges are sharp, as these dice are not tumbled like most brands.

• Lack of tumbling leaves a small imperfection on each dice that can easily be polished down with model-grade sandpaper.

• Numbers are impressed in the plastic, and hand-inked.

One 5 Sided D5 Transparent Sapphire Blue Dice with White Letters

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D5 22mm 20mm 14mm

Made in the USA!