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Translucent 4-Sided Dice (d4)

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Under the right light these look just like little jewels. They have a high bounce and are designed for industrial game play use.

Is there only a 25% chance the price of gas will go up? Slim chance it is that low. This great machine is the easiest way to get a random 25% chance or 1 in 4 random number. These dice are translucent and light shines right through them. Rolls like a dice but you read the numbers around the bottom. This dice gives you a random number between one and four.

Available in six colors:

The red, blue, and green dice are read with the number at the top; the other colors are read with the number at the bottom.

Numbers are written clearly and numerically rather than with pips for easier identification.

Made in China or Germany, depending on the color.