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Tiger's Eye 10-Piece Hybrid Gemstone Dice Set

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This is a 10-piece set of dice, including a hybrid set of crystal-shaped and regular polyhedral-shaped dice.

These dice are hand-made, carved out of natural gemstone called tiger's eye, which is a chatoyant gemstone.  Tiger's eye has a lustrous, silky appearance that you'll love.

Includes the following:

  • 1x d3
  • 1x crystal shaped d4
  • 3x crystal shaped d6s
  • 1x standard shaped d8
  • 1x crystal shaped d10
  • 1x crystal shaped d10%
  • 1x standard shaped d12
  • 1x standard shaped d20
  • A black leatherette drawstring dice bag

Crystal dice covered by US Patents #5,938,157; #6,318,720; #D455,462