Beige & Black Steampunk Dice Set

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These dice roll random numbers just like clockwork.  Intricately carved like it came out of a Victorian engineering workshop, these seven polyhedral dice will help you stay in character and immerse you in your setting.  The next time you're flying through the air in a wood-panelled zeppelin or slashing zombies with swords and muskets, you'll wish you had these dice.

These beige dice have black ink and have been designed with gear, cog, and steam pipe motifs around the numbers.

A 7-piece beige and black RPG dice set. This set includes the following dice:

  • One Four-Sided D4 Die numbered 1-4
  • One Six-Sided D6 Die numbered 1-6
  • One Eight-Sided D8 Die numbered 1-8
  • One Ten-Sided D10 Die numbered 0-9
  • One Twelve-Sided D12 Die numbered 1-12
  • One Twenty-Sided D20 Die numbered 1-20
  • One Ten-Sided D100 Die numbered 00-90