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Set of 7 Gamescience Opaque Orange Precision Dice

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A set of 7 precision-edged polyhedral dice, opaque orange in color and made with high impact polycarbonate plastic for durabilitythe same kind that's used to make bulletproof glass.

These dice are designed for precise performance. Unlike most dice, they use a special manufacturing process which avoids tumbling the edges. As a result, these dice have crisp, sharp edges and are perfectly balanced so that each side gets an equal chance. The lack of tumbling leaves a small imperfection in each dice which can be polished down with model-grade sandpaper.

You can ink the colors yourself with a crayon, ink pen, or acrylic paint; or, just appreciate them in their raw and natural beauty.

Each set contains a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10-00, d12, and a d20. Made by Gamescience in the United States of America.