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Pearlized Silver and Black D100, 10 Sided Dice

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This 10 sided pearlized dice rolls 10s and has black numbers on a silver and white mixed dice. These dice have the look of pearl and bring a touch of high class to any game table. Excellent for a favorite dice or as a set.

Smooth to the touch and weighted nicely these dice roll and bounce well. These are also great for any game that uses a 10 sided dice. This great device is the easiest way to get a random 10% chance or 1 in 10 random number. These dice are pearlized and have inset numbers. This dice gives you a random number between one and ten.

One 10 Sided D100 Pearlized Silver Dice with Black Numbers

Numbers are written clearly and numerically rather than with pips for easier identification.

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D100 18mm 16mm 22mm

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