Pearlized Purple and White 8 Sided Dice

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This pearlized 8 sided dice has white numbers on a purple dice. These are beautiful dice which bring class to your game play. Roll with style and watch the odds get better. These dice give you a smooth feel and graceful rolling.

This great device is the easiest way to get a random 12.5% chance or 1 in 8 random number. These pearlized dice have the smooth look and feel of a pearl. They always add class to your game table. Rolls like a standard dice. Hold, shake and toss. This dice gives you a random number between one and eight.

One 8 Sided, D8 Pearlized Purple Dice with White Numbers

Numbers are written clearly and numerically rather than with pips for easier identification.

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D8 20mm 18mm 18mm

What games can be played with a 8 sided dice?