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Glow in the Dark Peach Colored 6 Sided Dice

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These Glow in the Dark Six Sided Dice are awesome when under low light conditions. They glow brightly in a dark room and recharge quickly under any light. A must for your game arsenal and even better when camping.

They roll just like a standard dice but glow in the dark. Hold, shake and roll.They have a peach color that helps them stand out from the rest of your dice and recharge in seconds under any bright light source. Glow in the Dark Dice are always a hit at any game.

One Glow in the Dark 6 Sided, D6 Peach Color Dice with White Pips

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D6 16mm 16mm 16mm

What games can be played with a 6 sided dice?

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Levy
Peachy fun

Great quality, weight, and hand feel. The kids love the color and that they glow in the dark. They are a fun option to plain white dice.