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Glitter Black and White D100, 10 Sided Dice

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This glitter 10 sided dice rolls 10s and has white numbers on a clear dice containing black glitter. Great when used for magic or any time you need a sparkle in your game. Quality made with a good feel and bounce.

Have only a one in ten chance of surviving traffic ? Use this great dice to help determine the future for your character. This great machine is the easiest way to get a random 10% chance or 1 in 10 random number. light shines through the sides and really causes the glitter to glisten and gleam. Rolls like a standard dice. Hold, shake and roll. This dice gives you a random number between one and ten.

One 10 Sided, D100 Clear Black Glitter Dice with White Numbers

Numbers are written clearly and numerically rather than with pips for easier identification.

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D100 18mm 16mm 22mm

What games can be played with a 10 sided dice?

These are great dungeons and dragons dice. They really help the game take on more character.
So, if you need D&D dice or just role playing dice, look no further.