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Dragons Dice Set

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A full set of D&D Dragon Dice from Q-Workshop. These great dice are engraved with dragons around the outside of each face.

What better way to play Dungeons & Dragons than with dice that have actual dragons on them?

This Dice Set comes complete with the following dice.

  • One 4 sided D4 Dragon Die
  • One 6 sided D6 Dragon Die
  • One 8 sided D8 Dragon Die
  • One 10 sided D10 Dragon Die
  • One 10 sided D100 Dragon Die
  • One 12 sided Dragon Die
  • One 20 sided Dragon Die

Dice Sizes

Die Weight: Length: Height: Width:
D4 3g/0.1oz 2cm/0.78” 1.8cm/0.70” 2cm/0.78”
D6 3g/0.1oz 1.5cm/0.59” 1.5cm/0.59” 1.5cm/0.59”
D8 3g/0.1oz 1.4cm/0.55” 2.3cm/0.90” 1.6cm/0.62”
D10/ D100 3g/0.1oz 1.5cm/0.59” 2cm/0.78” 2cm/0.78”
D12 3g/0.1oz 2cm/0.78” 2cm/0.78” 2cm/0.78”
D20 4g/0.1oz 2cm/0.78” 2cm/0.78” 2cm/0.78”