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The Amazing D-Total™ Dice, 18 Dice in One

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The amazing D-Total Die is 18 Dice-in-One! Decide which die you want to roll for, drop your D-Total, and read the face! Each face is laid out like a clock-face, with the die (d4, d6, etc) in the appropriate place.

For your d6 value, look at 6 o'clock. Its that simple. This die can replace a bag full of dice! Use it for a d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d20, d24, d30, d40, d50, d60, d70, d80, and d100!

The revolutionary D-Total™ performs the functions of 17 different dice!

Die you want to roll How to read the face: Each die face is laid out like a clock face, so turn the die so all numbers (on the face rolled) are right-side up to you.
D2 In the middle of the face, there is a number between 1 and 24. If 12 or less, the d2 has rolled a 1. If 13 or higher, the result is a 2.
D3 The number of pips (spots) in the 3 o’clock position is the d3 result.
D4 Result lies in a triangle (traditional d4 shape) at 4 o’clock position.
D5 Result is a Roman numeral (I-V) at 5 o’clock. If numeral is not there, re-roll.
D6 Result is in the square (traditional d6 shape) at 6 o’clock.
D7 At 7 o’clock (bottom left) there may be a number (1-7) between the square and diamond shapes. If not, re-roll to get the d7 result.
D8 Result lies within a diamond (traditional d8 shape) at 8 o’clock.
D10 In the middle of the face there is a number (1-24). Roll until it lands on 1-20, and use the final digit for the d10 result. (A roll of 5 or 15 is considered a 5; a roll of 10 or 20 is considered a 10)
D12 Result lies within the pentagon (traditional d12 shape) at 12 o’clock
*To read D20 and higher outcomes (except D24),
re-roll the die if 21-24 is rolled.*
D20 Result is the number in the center of the face*
D24 The middle number on the face is the d24 result.
D30 Uses D3 pips for 1st digit (1 pip=1-10, 2=11-20 and 3=21-30). Re-roll, using D10 method* for the 2nd digit. 1st roll (d3=2 pips) + 2nd roll (d10=7 or 17)=17 This method is also used for the D40 – D80, except for the additional ranges of tens.
D40 Uses D4 triangle for 1st digit, with the method described above (but adding 4=31-40). Re-roll using D10 method* for 2nd digit. [(d4=4)+(d10=16)=36]
D50 Uses D5 (Roman numerals) for 1st digit (V=41-50), and D10 method* for 2nd digit (3 or 13=3). For example, a III and re-roll of 3 equals 23.
D60 Uses D6 square for 1st digit & D10 method* for 2nd digit. [(d6=6)+(d10=9)=59] D70 Uses D7 position for 1st digit & D10 method* for the 2nd. [(d7=7)+(d10=8)=68]
D80 Uses the D8 diamond for 1st digit (8=71-80) and D10 method* for 2nd. For example, when D8=8 and the D10 re-roll =4 or 14, the result is 74.
D100 Uses D10 method twice, once for range for tens and second for the final digit(s). If two zeros are rolled, the result is 100. If a 7 or 17 is rolled, it is a seventy-something result, second roll of 2 or 12 gives a final result of 72.

One D-Total White Dice with Black Numbers

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
DTotal 45mm 45mm 45mm

Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing concept, but hard to get

It is really difficult trying to get my hands on this because it seems to be out-of-stock just about everywhere I look, but the concept of it has always interested me, and I'm happy to see that it has good reviews from people who already own it (its apparent lightness/hollowness aside.)

I would love to see a revision of this with a bit more heft and solidity to it, and perhaps also available in different colors.

Patrick Tait
kinda usless

but in a way that makes for an essential addition to any decent sized dice collection. Ideal gift for a DM.


This die is really cool and big, easy to read and comes with a guide to learn how to read it. The only down side is it's hollow and very light. It is two pieces put together and feels like could break if not taken care of properly. I love it though and am glad I found one