Clear Blue Double 10 Sided Dice

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This fantastic double 10 sided is blue clear with a white dice inside. A great way to roll a number from 1-100 without using more than one die. A real cool novelty item,

These are just plain cool dice. There is a large 10 sided dice on the outside and a small 10 sided dice on the inside. IN this way you can roll one dice and select the inner or the out to be 10's. Then just out the 10's and the 1's together to get a random number between 1-100. Really cool.

One Giant Clear Blue 10 Sided Dice With An Inner White 10 Sided Dice

Dice Size

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D10/10 27 mm 25 mm 34 mm

What games can be played with a 10 sided dice?

These are great RPG dice. They really help the game take on more character.
So, if you need D&D dice or just role playing dice, look no further.