Black & Glow-in-the-Dark Steampunk Dice Set

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These dice roll random numbers just like clockwork.  Intricately carved like it came out of a Victorian engineering workshop, these seven polyhedral dice will help you stay in character and immerse you in your setting.  The next time you're flying through the air in a wood-panelled zeppelin or slashing zombies with swords and muskets, you'll wish you had these dice.

These black dice have glow-in-the-dark ink and have been designed with gear, cog, and steam pipe motifs around the numbers.

A 7-piece black & glow-in-the-dark RPG dice set. This set includes the following dice:

  • One Four-Sided D4 Die numbered 1-4
  • One Six-Sided D6 Die numbered 1-6
  • One Eight-Sided D8 Die numbered 1-8
  • One Ten-Sided D10 Die numbered 0-9
  • One Twelve-Sided D12 Die numbered 1-12
  • One Twenty-Sided D20 Die numbered 1-20
  • One Ten-Sided D100 Die numbered 00-90