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Arcana (Revised Edition)

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Honorable lord Arkabast, won’t you consider my guild’s cause and join us? Perhaps a meeting with the Guild Master is in order. But first, won’t you accept this humble offering, surely you could use such a precious gem? I am certain you will find yourself agreeing with our agenda.

Welcome to Cadwallon, an infamous city known for the chicanery of its artful guilds! Can your guild sweep through its districts and gain power through recruiting influential citizens and acquiring valuable relics?

The revised edition of Arcana is a card game of recruitment and resource gathering for 2-4 crafty leaders. Command a guild of agents during a series of district encounters against your opponents. Score the most prominent citizens, advantageous locations, and valuable treasures through bribery and power struggles. Collect the highest amount of victory points to become the master guild of Cadwallon!

Which guild do you seek to command?

The guilds of Cadwallon were created for one purpose: control. These chief groups run unique industries that influence the city from within and possess advantages players can use during power competitions. Which guild requires your leadership and representation to rise up and dominate the rest?

  • The Guild of Blades claims a history as old as the founding of Cadwallon itself. With unmatchable arms skills they alone hold the privilege of honing and selling weapons.
  • From simple burglaries to elaborate smuggling schemes, the Guild of Thieves organizes every theft in the city. No act of larceny is too small for its agents.
  • The seedy underbelly of Cadwallon teems with criminals not associated with thievery. The Guild of Usurers prides itself on controlling more unusual illegal matters than lock picking.
  • The Guild of Ferrymen transports the subjects of Cadwallon from district to district as well as the living to the realm of the dead; many a veteran assassin call this guild their home.
  • The Guild of Fortune-tellers may charge an exorbitant fee for their services, but they know the citizens of Cadwallon will pay. Their sorceries always ring true and their clairvoyant readings influence city events.
  • The foundations of Cadwallon’s districts stem from the passionate agents of the Guild of Architects. Their capable hands have crafted many a stone or metal structure.

A clash of cards

Arcana is played over a series of rounds that are comprised of two phases, the Intrigue phase and the Resolution phase. Send Agents from your unique guild deck to any of Cadwallon’s districts to claim control of Stake cards: Personalities, Locations, and Relics, all of which award victory points.

During these district encounters players gain control of Stake cards by playing their Agent cards. Stake cards are won through meeting or exceeding the card’s main arcanum: either Military, Political, Spiritual, or Financial. Whichever Agent has the highest matching arcanum type wins the current revealed Stake card in that district.

Of course if the Stake card you are after is a Personality card you can choose to bribe them with a Relic Card instead, immediately ending the phase and wresting the victory points from your opponents should you succeed. Players can increase the mystery of the final outcome through bluffing.

Players control two friendly distracts (piles of Stake cards) in which they can place their Agents facedown. Will your opponent chance opposing you when he is uncertain of your arcanum value?

The revised edition

The revised edition of Arcana provides players with two new guilds to choose from, the Guild of Fortune-tellers and the Guild of Architects. Additionally, the revised edition incorporates a variety of optional rules that players can utilize to enhance their experience.

Deck customization allows players to pre-strategize. Will you concentrate on having your agents bribe personalities, or perhaps you are looking to gain the advantage over your competition through locations?

Increase the challenge and unpredictability of Arcana through Objectives or Guild Masters. Objectives require players to fulfill stake card requirements to gain additional victory points, while Guild Masters provide competitors with a unique ability that can sway the outcome of card resolution each round.

These game variants and more await you in the revised edition of Arcana. Lead your guild to victory in the streets of Cadwallon!