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7-piece Set of Crystal Otherworld RPG Dice

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Included is a complete set of 7 crystal dice: 1D4, 1D6, 1D8, 2D10, 1D12, and 1D20. Impress your friends by showing up at the gaming table with these unique and attractive dice.

Transport yourself to another world with the fantastic natural variation of these shimmering dice.

Michael Bowling, an electrical engineer from Arizona and avid tabletop gamer, invented these unusual crystal-shaped dice and manufactures them today under his patent and through his company, Crystal Caste.

This dice set includes:

  • One 4-sided crystal die, numbered 1-4 in sequence
  • One 6-sided crystal die, numbered 1-6 in sequence
  • One 8-sided crystal die, numbered 1-8 in sequence
  • Two 10-sided crystal dice, numbered 0-9 and 00-90, respectively
  • One 12-sided crystal die, numbered 1-12 in sequence
  • One 20-sided crystal die, numbered 1-20 in sequence
  • A small, clear plastic box for storage

    Customer Reviews

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    A. Hadley
    Long Shipping Time

    See below timetable for shipping details. Actual dice look great. The d20 rolled a 1 before it rolled a 20. Not sure if that's important information. Also, make sure you have a smooth, flat surface to roll on, or it'll never stop. All other dice are super easy to read at a glance; it takes a second to register what face is truly facing up on the d20.

    01/21 dice ordered on store
    01/26 dice shipped via USPS
    02/03 dice arrive, two days after intended date.

    Andrew Rhebergen
    Not received

    I have not received this product if you think I have you have issues

    Dempsey Kukko-Pulkkinen
    Not here yet

    I cannot give a review of this product, as I still have yet to receive them

    Odd and Wonderful Dice

    I've only ever use the traditionally-shaped dice before, but I've quickly fell in love with the crystal shaped ones. They add another layer of fantasy to gameplay and I couldn't be happier with them!