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20mm Jumbo Metal Dice Set

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A seven-piece set of 20mm metal polyhedral dice with the 4 sided die being substituted with a 12 sided die numbered 1 through 4 three times for better rolling.  This die is inked a different color than the other dice in the set.

Made of a zinc metal alloy, with a silvery shiny finish.

Set includes 8 dice in total:

  • A 12-sided die, numbered 1-4 for easier rolling, to act as a D4; inked black
  • A 6-sided die, inked red
  • An 8-sided die, inked red
  • A 10-sided die, inked red
  • A 12-sided die, inked red
  • A 20-sided die, inked red
  • A 10-sided die, numbered for the tens place in a percentile dice pair, inked red
  • A bonus 20mm plastic die, black on white, with the Koplow Games logo