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Love Spell Gaming Candle

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"Charmed, I'm sure," he said, with a gleam and a wink in his eye. A funny feeling came over you then, and you wondered to yourself whether he was the one who was charmed... or if you were.

This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and grapefruit. A perfect blend of fruit and floral fragrances, it has wide appeal and makes an excellent gift.

Note that the 8oz and 2oz sizes have different label designs. We had so much fun designing this candle that we couldn't pick just one.

Fragrance notes:

  • Top: Apple, Peach, Grapefruit
  • Middle: Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea
  • Base: Vanilla, Powder

Key features:

  • Made of all-natural, sustainable soy wax
  • Made by hand in small batches in the USA
  • Inspired by the Charm Person spell from Dungeons & Dragons
  • The perfect geeky gift
  • Available in 8oz and 2oz sizes or as wax melts
  • Burns for 40-56 hours (8oz) or 10-14 hours (2oz)

    Customer Reviews

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    love spell
    love spell

    Dr tunde is the best psychic l've even worked with he was spot on about everything without me needing to tell him anything! And that's what 've like about him he was. Different From other psychics, and after working with him my husband came back. After two months of not being home 😭 And we are connecting more better now than before! This is the best new year gift that I can ask for having my family back together.Thanks to Dr Tunde on must contact him babatundesolutioncentre1 @ gmail .com

    Adrie Ashton
    Love the Love Spell candle

    The Love Spell candle smells exactly how it should. I’ve always loved this scent. I love the rich smell of the candle that feels clean. :) My only negative thing is the price is a little steep for how tiny the candle is.

    Love Spell

    Love the fruity aroma from this one!
    was brought here from the "Another Bad Side Quest" podcast and definitely happy with what i got!

    Great gift for my friend

    I bought this and a few other candles for my friend, and she said that all of the candles I sent to her are amazing.

    Smells like Romance

    I'm not over exaggerating. It literally smells like a rose petal bath or a romantic dinner. I love it.