Rose Quartz Dwarven Stones® Dice Set

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A full set of stone dice made from Rose Quartz. They look great and roll well nicely on any game surface. This set come complete with 7 stone dice in total and a black dice bag for easy access. These dice are for the serious gamer.

Have you ever wanted to own a set of stone dice? These are the dice that will be there when the time comes to open that special bag and do some serious gaming. Be the envy of your game group with a complete set of stone dice. The best part is, they will be yours.

This set comes complete with each of the following

  • One 4 sided D4 Stone Dice
  • One 6 sided D6 Stone Dice
  • One 8 sided D8 Stone Dice
  • One 10 sided D10 Stone Dice
  • One 10 sided D100 Stone Dice
  • One 12 sided D12 Stone Dice
  • One 20 sided D20 Stone Dice
  • One Black Dice Bag with String Tie

All 7 Dice are made from Rose Quartz with Black Numbers

Numbers are written clearly and numerically rather than with pips for easier identification.

Dice Sizes

Dice Style Length: Height: Width:
D4 14mm 13mm 14mm
D6 10mm 10mm 10mm
D8 13mm 10mm 10mm
D10 12mm 10mm 13mm
D12 13mm 12mm 13mm
D20 13mm 13mm 13mm
D100/10 12mm 10mm 13mm

What games can be played with these dice?

These are great dungeons and dragons dice. They really help the game take on more character.
So, if you need D&D dice or just role playing dice, look no further.