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Purple Fluorite Dice Set of Arcana

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A complete set of 7 full-sized polyhedral dice, carefully hand-made from purple fluorite.  Each die is individually cut, then polished, and engraved with shiny gold numbers.

Fluorite, one of the most colorful minerals in the world (also called fluorspar), is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, sometimes referred to as the "genius stone."  It would be the perfect compliment to an intelligence-based character, and the prize of your very own dice collection.

Exclusive to Game Master Dice, these feature our very own custom VALORSTONE™ font, for an elegant touch of fantasy you won't find anywhere else.

Key features:

  • Hand-crafted from natural gemstones
  • Includes all seven dice you know and love from your favorite role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Call of Cthulhu
  • Full-sized (16mm), just like the regular polyhedral dice you know and love
  • Design exclusive to Game Master Dice—you won't find these anywhere else!

We recommend rolling any gemstone or metal dice on a dice tray in order to make your new favorite diceand your furniturelast longer.

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They are quality dice but the listing is a little misleading