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3D Forest Dice Set

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If you're spending all your time playing D&D in your basement instead of going outside, this is a way for you to bring the outside to you.  These lovely dice are beige with inset, black inked imagery of green leaves.  It's just like being in the middle of a lush, beautiful forest, except that you don't need to leave the comfort of your dim, fluorescent-lit basement.

These dice have been crafted to resemble forest leaves.

A 7-piece RPG dice set. This set includes the following dice:

  • One Four-Sided D4 Die numbered 1-4
  • One Six-Sided D6 Die numbered 1-6
  • One Eight-Sided D8 Die numbered 1-8
  • One Ten-Sided D10 Die numbered 0-9
  • One Twelve-Sided D12 Die numbered 1-12
  • One Twenty-Sided D20 Die numbered 1-20
  • One Ten-Sided D100 Die numbered 00-90