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10-Piece Crystal Hybrid Toxic Dice Set

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This is a 10-piece set of dice, including a hybrid set of crystal and polyhedral shapes.

This set comes in combinations of bright, swirly colors and consists of:

  • 1x completely d3,
  • 1x crystal shaped d4,
  • 3x crystal shaped d6's,
  • 1x standard shaped d8,
  • 1x crystal shaped d10,
  • 1x crystal shaped d10%,
  • 1x standard shaped d12,
  • 1x standard shaped d20.

Comes in an attractive translucent box.

Crystal dice covered by US Patents #5,938,157; #6,318,720; #D455,462

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christopher Curtis
Not sure I received them?

I placed an order for some crystal dice back on April 19th/20th. While I did receive a tracking number, it states it has not been received by USPS which is listed as the delivery method. While I’m hopeful I will receive this order, my concern has grown with the uncertainty of whether this has been shipped.

Chris Burleson
Still haven't recieved my dice yet

You say you delivered then 14 days ago yet I'm still waiting and have gotten no response to the email I sent you. If I could get assistance with this matter I'll give more stars, but so far the customer service is inadequate.

Justin Basque
Interesting dice

My son pointed these out to me for his D & D games. They look and feel nice enough heft, but not excessive. He won’t actually get them til Christmas, so no comment on his game performance. One thing I would suggest you need transparent ones.