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Dancing Girls

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It's a tired old cliché that every RPG campaign begins in a tavern. It's like some kind of joke: "A wizard, a rogue, and a barbarian walk into a bar..." Here at Game Master Dice, we're not going to deny this simple truth, but rather embrace and enhance it. Imagine how much more epic your campaign would be if your characters started out not just in a tavern, but—wait for it—in a tavern with dancing girls.

Or, if that's not your cup of Dwarven mead, you could use these two scantily-clad figurines to populate the luxurious and seedy secret lair of the King of the Thieves' Guild. Or you could use up a couple of your cohort slots to make the trek to Mt. Doom a little more bearable. Either way, this is a great way to be charitable and help these two pewter figurines pay for college.

Two unpainted, heroic scale (25mm) miniature figurines for adventure gaming.