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Dwarven Dice Set

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Dwarves are the finest craftsmen in the fantastic realm.  Their legendary skill at carving stone and forging metal is only surpassed by their reputation for, well...being short.  And kind of grumpy.  Don't let that bother you, though.  By the beard of Rakthar, these dice are some of the finest you will ever own.

These have been crafted to resemble carved stone.  Each die includes a stylized number and a picture of a Dwarven weapon such as an axe or hammer.  (Except for the D20.  It only has numbers.)

A 7-piece gray and black RPG dice set. This set includes the following dice:

  • One Four-Sided D4 Die numbered 1-4
  • One Six-Sided D6 Die numbered 1-6
  • One Eight-Sided D8 Die numbered 1-8
  • One Ten-Sided D10 Die numbered 0-9
  • One Twelve-Sided D12 Die numbered 1-12
  • One Twenty-Sided D20 Die numbered 1-20
  • One Ten-Sided D100 Die numbered 00-90