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Encroaching Darkness RPG Dice Set

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Grog the Barbarian raised his battleaxe an triumph as the last monster of the dungeon fell.  Relishing his victory, he stepped up upon the dias and pulled the lever to open the secret door to the treasure room.

Hearing a click, he waited for the sound of gears and havey stone being moved away; instead, he heard a hissing sound.  It was then that he noticed small vents at the bottom of the stone walls surrounding the room, out of which was coming thick, black tendrils of some kind of supernatural smoke.

Looks like that wasn't the switch to the treasure room after all.

Why you'll love these dice:

  • Black ink mixed with clear for a magical effect
  • Gold numbers for a touch of elegance
  • Contains all seven dice you need for games like Dungeons & Dragons