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10-Piece Crystal Hybrid Pearlized Dice Set

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This is a 10-piece set of dice, including a hybrid set of crystal and polyhedral shapes.

This set comes in three pearlescent colors, including black, blue, and white, and consists of:

  • 1x completely new d3,
  • 1x crystal shaped d4,
  • 3x crystal shaped d6's,
  • 1x standard shaped d8,
  • 1x crystal shaped d10,
  • 1x crystal shaped d10%,
  • 1x standard shaped d12,
  • 1x standard shaped d20.

Comes in an attractive translucent drawstring bag or box.

Crystal dice covered by US Patents #5,938,157; #6,318,720; #D455,462

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great deal for a unique set of dice!

Rael Haley
I gave it away

I didn't ask for it so I gave it to someone else that needed dice. I told him they were from gm dice

Alanya L. Anderson
The Hybrid crystalline pearlized blue is a Beautiful set!

I love the colors of the pearlized blue set, I had translucent ones before I even knew about this color choice. I love em! The crystal style is my favorite style of dice to date. If you love your shiny clicky math rocks and want something exciting for your dice hoard, this kind of set is the one for you!

Rebecca Parker
Dice was scratched

The dice arrived with a deep gouge on the d4

Crystal Hybrid Dice set

My husband was super excited for his black set and my white set is beautiful! There are a couple small imperfections, but nothing roll-altering. Love the unique shapes and the almost opal effect the pearl acrylic gives the white dice.