Red Dragon Leather Dice Cup

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The most successful adventurers keep their lucky dice in cups made from natural leather. Here is one of these cups - but this one has been hand-crafted from the thick hide of a red dragon, which are famous for their legendary strength and endurance. This may be just what you need to get an extra edge over your enemies! This eloquent dice cup is made of durable, hard leather. One cup holds up to approximately three sets of dice (21 dice). Perfect for rolling your dice, and comes with a lid for storing your dice. Each cup is hand stitched and decorated with a classic design. This product is 100% natural and handcrafted.

This red leather dice cup includes 2 dice: 1 d6 and 1 d8.

Length: 6 cm
Height: 8 cm
Width: 6 cm
Weight: 40 g