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7-piece Set of Crystal Toxic RPG Dice

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Bold, vibrant colors! Exciting twists, turns, and swirls! This toxic dice set has them all. Yellow and red colors are splashed together vigorously, with silver numbering.

Specially-designed to have a unique crystal shape, these dice are also numbered sequentially, making them double useful as health counters.

A set of seven polyhedral dice for adventure gaming, including a four-sided die, a six-sided die, an eight-sided die, two ten-sided dice, a twelve-sided die, and a twenty-sided die.

This dice set includes:

  • One 4-sided crystal die, numbered 1-4 in sequence
  • One 6-sided crystal die, numbered 1-6 in sequence
  • One 8-sided crystal die, numbered 1-8 in sequence
  • Two 10-sided crystal dice, numbered 0-9 and 00-90, respectively
  • One 12-sided crystal die, numbered 1-12 in sequence
  • One 20-sided crystal die, numbered 1-20 in sequence
  • A small, clear plastic box for storage

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Megan Douglas

    Can’t go wrong with crystal caste

    D. Jensen
    For the DM who has everything

    Needed unique dice for DM bro who owns many dice sets. Looking for weird--got it. Bombarded with a sense of nostalgia, I determined how best to roll these peculiar RPG dice. As is usually the case, the D20 drew the majority of my attention. It took about 2 seconds to figure out how to read the bizarre design. Very instinctual and oddly addicting. I'm sure bro will love this set for the curious style and practical functionality.

    Christopher Loveless
    Redemption my comrades!!!!

    The company got ahold of me and sent me the correct dice. I respect them fully and retract my previous statement. Thank y'all for handling the mess up!

    Christopher Loveless
    Did not get was was promised

    So I ordered the red/yellow set. They came in at a good time, so I gave them two stars for that.
    Issue is the dice came in were the right color, but the dice were a normal shape, not the promised crystal design.
    I tried contacting them three different ways. Email, messenger on facebook, and calling. No response. I hope they see this and actually respond, because this was nearly unacceptable for a company to promise something like this and not deliver.

    So cool!

    These dice are so fun! I thought the d20 would be hard to read, but it’s really not. They’re so unique and fun to rollThe colour is so amazing too!