You can never have too many dice!

Character Name: Game Master Dice
Level: 27
Class: Merchant
In Business Since: May 2008
Game Master Dice RPG Character Portrait
STR 9 -1    
CON 13 +1    
DEX 11 0    
CHA 9 -1    
INT 20 +5    
WIS 12 +1    
Favored Enemy: Trolls
Order Processing Speed: Usually Within 1-2 Days of Placement
Payment Methods Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Checkout
Weapon: +2 Keyboard of Typing
Equipment: Belt of Low Prices, Adventurer's Kit, Talisman of Boredom Slaying, Deck of Many Things, Bag of Holding Hundreds of Kinds of Dice
Feats: Codpiece of Awesomeness
Improved Initiative: Flat Rate Shipping in U.S.
Backstory: Customer Service Proficiency

Game Master Dice was forged in 2008 by Greg Hancock of Slow Low, Arizona. The three moons were in alignment on the fateful day of Game Master Dice's creation, and those throughout the land who were aware of the signs recognized that the Prophecy of the One was soon to be fulfilled.

The wicked king and tyrant Lord Morgoth, in an effort to curtail the threat to his utter dominance, sent a band of orcs to put an end to Game Master Dice before he could grow up to be a threat.

After narrowly escaping with his life, and having his village burned by the orc band, Game Master Dice vowed to avenge his kinsmen. He set out on an arduous quest which lasted many moons. Along the way, Game Master Dice vanquished hundreds of evildoers and also made time to help countless villagers and NPCs by running trivial errands for the XP.

In September 2010, Game Master dice was purchased by Kevin Owens, of Bountiful, Utah. Kevin assisted Game Master Dice in his quest to confront Lord Morgoth, by adding tons of new dice, miniatures, and board games to his arsenal, and equipping him with a shiny new website.

To this day, Game Master Dice continues on his quest for justice and righteousness. He can be seen climbing volcanoes in storms of hail, hunting orcs in the forest, or offering a huge variety of dice and games for a fair price and flat rate shipping.

Game Master Dice is a division of Kevin Owens Enterprises.